RECON meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM and twice a month on Friday nights from 7:00-10:00 PM at our youth building (Crossroads).

Check out the BLCC calendar for more specific dates and times as well as other events.


RECON is our ministry to 6th through 12th graders. RECON stands for RECONcile, RECONsecrate, RECONsider, RECONstruct, RECONnect, and RECONdition. Blue Lake Community Church offers dynamic teaching and direction for teens. We believe that learning best takes place in an environment that is vibrant and active, and so we offer classes and activities that are fun and that reinforce the truth of the Bible. There are a myriad of choices to be made in the face of temptation for teens every day which creates a lot of pressure for them. Understanding, guiding and caring for today's teens is one of our most important ministries. Our youth staff strives to show children and teens through the Bible how they can know that they are loved and how they can find true success and hope in this life.